Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The Stone of Blood - Part One (An Unofficial Minecraft Gamer's Adventure)

It's officially out! The Stone of Blood - Part One (Book One of the Craftborn Series) is finished, edited, and available NOW on Amazon.

Get it on Amazon here... The Stone of Blood - Part One

Here's the blurb from the book description on Amazon...


The whole of the Realms of Minecraft are at risk.

Lord Baltor, the Evil One, has enslaved an army of Minecraft players to build a temple to house the Scroll of Ansgar.

Once built, the temple will allow Baltor to read the hidden passages in the Scroll that reveal the location of the long, lost Stone of Blood.

Hearing of Lord Baltor's plans, Mason Hammerfall and the Craftborn set out to stop him, knowing that if he is allowed to possess the Stone, he will become unstoppable and all the Realms of Minecraft will fall under his power.

With his powers of dark magic, Baltor foresees the Craftborn will try and stop him from obtaining the Stone and sends out his enslaved mob armies of Spiders, Zombies, Endermen, and Wither to crush them.

The Stone of Blood by Matt Ballard (The First Book in the Craftborn Series) **An Unofficial  Minecraft Gamer's Adventure**

Can the Craftborn save the Realms of Minecraft from Lord Baltor, the Evil One?

The Stone of Blood - Part One is approximately 10,350 words long, and is specifically formatted for Kindle, with an active table of contents.


I hope you have as much fun reading it as I did writing it. :-)

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